Malden & Coombe Residents' Association Limited (MCRA)  is established as a non-profit organisation whose objective is to protect the rights and interests of the Residents of the Estate who pay the annual Coombe Rate.  Members of the Association are defined in the Articles of Association and can either complete a valid application form and send to the secretary or sign the attendance register at the Annual General Meeting. We have a Committee that meets regularly to consider matters of importance that affect our interests. We have an Annual General Meeting, usually held in early October, to which all Owners are invited and copies of the minutes and accounts of our last meeting are available for download.

Our Committee has responsibility for the employment of the Gatekeepers on the Warren Road barrier but the costs associated with this are charged to all Owners through the Coombe Rate. The MCRA also engages the services of a Secretary to assist with the not inconsiderable volume of paperwork, minutes, meetings, general administration and the issue of barrier permits. We also prepare annual accounts for independent audit and presentation at our AGM.

Our committee keeps a watchful eye on Planning Applications submitted for developments on the Estate and may make representations or objections where it is thought that proposals could affect the enjoyment of the Residents as a whole. We do not, as a general rule, monitor individual planning applications, nor do we perform any formal function in this regard.

The day to day responsibility for maintenance of the roads, footpaths, grass verges, lighting, drainage and Estate facilities lies with Kingston Borough Council although the MCRA is in regular communication with the Officers of RBK to see that standards are properly maintained.

The Association raises money to cover its expenses and the issue of permits by asking for a contribution from each Residence and Institution on the Estate, in September each year.

If you would like to enrol as a Member of the Association click on Membership Application Form and you will find an application form for download, signature and return to our secretary.