Estate News 

Dear Resident,

At a recent meeting of the MCRA with RBK (April 2016) as to how we can all work together to improve the look and functioning of the Estate, it was pointed out to us that 15 houses have failed to pay their Coombe Rate. The money involved is in excess of 15,000.

This 'hole' in funding represents a significant loss for the Estate. It also means the residents who pay are subsidising those who do not, a very unsatisfactory state of affairs.

The MCRA would therefore urge those who have not yet paid to do so as soon as possible, so that the council can continue their work.

Grounds maintenance

Maintenance of verges, planted areas and footpaths are now subject to a new contractual arrangement between the Council and independent contractors employed by them. A GROUNDS MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATION has been drawn up after extensive consultations between the Council,  MCRA and the contractors. It is rigorous by its nature and is aimed to satisfy the requirements of MCRA to secure a maintenance programme that will ensure a notable difference in the Estate Maintenance Services programme.

The specification has been reproduced and can be seen by clicking GROUNDS MAINTENANCE SPECIFICATION here or in the index.