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For MAP showing road closures/permissions etc click here. Trials commence on 15th August.

JULY 2020 - 5G Mast Outside Warren Cottage Ref 20/01406/TEL'

Letter of Objection to the Council

Re application for a 5G Mast Ref 20/01406/TEL

We write as co-Chairs of the Malden & Coombe Residents Association to protest most strongly about the above proposal to erect a monstrous 20m high 5G telecom mast on Kingston Hill only 10m from the entrance to the distinctive Malden & Coombe Estate.

 This is clearly a blatant commercial attempt by Hutchison 3G UK Ltd  (a telecoms company ultimately owned by a Hong Kong based company) to erect a mast and Huawei equipment to gain an advantage over its commercial competitors. With Huawei’s involvement in 5G technology under suspicion and review by the government, this alone is basis enough to refuse  approval.

 The proposed location is inside the Coombe Wood Conservation Area (as per map of the Conservation Area on

The location of the mast is adjacent to two locally listed properties,  Warren Cottage and Warren Lodge..

The proposer has clearly ignored the normal considerations related to a conservation area. A 20m high mast would totally dominate the entrance to the Malden & Coombe Estate and the Conservation Area and add unsightly street furniture adjacent to the entrance.

 In addition the plans take no account of various RBK planning policies, specifically :

 -    CS8 (Character, Design and Heritage )which requires  RBK to protect the primarily suburban character of the Borough, existing buildings and areas of high quality and historic interest from inappropriate development and will seek opportunities for sensitive enhancement in these areas. 

 -    DM10  (Design requirements) require the proposal to contribute to the character and local distinctiveness of a street or area which should be respected, maintained or enhanced.

 Very clearly the proposed 20m mast does not meet the criteria of either of these policies.

 The proposer also claims with a degree of marketing hype that

In these unprecedented times of Covid-19 pandemic, it is recognised that high-speed mobile connectivity is the lifeblood of a Community; facilitating educational benefits, providing access to vital services, improving communications with the associated commercial benefits for local businesses, enabling e-commerce and working from home as well as enjoying access to social, media and gaming for leisure time activities.

The proposer goes on to say that

modern mobile phone base stations operate on a low power and accordingly, need to be located within close proximity to the areas they are required to serve. 

There are virtually no local businesses within the range of the location

During the Covid-19 pandemic residents of the Estate have been happily working from home and having access to social media etc, all of which function perfectly well with 4G technology.

The proposer goes on to state that the visual impact of the 20m mast  will be reduced  with appropriate colour/finishes overlooking the fact that the most striking visual impact of the mast is its height of 20m which dwarfs everything else in its immediate neighbourhood and would be an eyesore.

Moreover, RBK, in its Local Development Framework, states that it will seek to “Avoid locating structures, including telecommunications equipment, where they will be visually intrusive “ and thus have “an adverse effect on the character and visual amenities of the area.” It is impossible to think of a more blatant contravention of this statement than the erection of this mast.

In addition it says that trees covered by TPOs should not be adversely affected. It is highly likely that the extensive foundations for this mast will seriously damage the adjacent tree roots of trees covered by a TPO.

There is a policy requirement (stated by the proposer in their supporting documents) to minimise the number of masts , yet there is an existing mast only 100 metres away and  the proposal makes no attempt to look at modifying this existing mast which is located  at Cotswold Close.

 We would argue strongly that local considerations, such as the Conservation Area and heritage and environmental issues must be taken into account.

 We urge RBK to reject the proposal.

 Yours sincerely

Judy Kane.      Rupert Cox
Co-Chairs MCRA LTD





Residents are advised to check their oak trees for caterpillars or nests.   
It is the tree owner's responsibility to check all  trees and arrange for the
removal and destruction of any nests, which are a serious  health hazard
to humans and animals, before pupation is completed.
This is usually during August but could be mid-July onwards this year due
 to the mild winter and warm spring and nests are already being formed. 









There have been some thefts from people's doorsteps on the estate. Delivery people leave stuff on the doorstep and depart before checking that the occupant comes and picks it up. Could you  arrange for their delivery men/women to make sure the occupant comes to pick it up.


Dear Neighbours and Residents,


We hope all of you are keeping well and managing the difficult task of keeping away from friends, family and in some cases, due to age or illness, the shops. We are aware of how complicated and emotionally draining it can be: finding people to shop for you, collecting pills from the chemist, walking the dog etc.


With all this in mind we wanted to share with you a couple of ideas that one or 2 residents have alerted us to and that we hope might help those of you who might need it. We pass them on in good faith as of course cannot take responsibility for what they do.


One resident has had success with a food delivery company called oui chef  who deliver vegetable boxes, which also contain milk, eggs and bread, for £35 and a fruit box for £25. We attach a flier (click here) of what each box consists of. They have set up a website for ordering now which is


There is also another flier (click here) from a local help group who have set up in the Kingston and Surbiton area who are looking to help in any way they can and who would, of course, welcome helpers.


A further flier has been received which may help you in these difficult times provided by The Cookaway Ltd showing their Larder Essentials Box (click here).


We do hope that one or other of these fliers will be of help to you and will help to keep our community safe and happy.


With best wishes,


Rupert Cox and Judy Kane, Co- Chairs MCRA



Notification of the Agreement to the Estimated Revenue Expenditure for the Coombe Estate for 20/21

 Following a meeting with RBK and 2 directors of the MCRA a new budget for 20/21 was set.

 This budget was agreed by the Directors of the MCRA at a meeting on February 24th 2020.

 It will be ratified at the  Malden and Coombe Neighbourhood  Sub-committee meeting on March 12th




JANUARY 2020 - Free bicycle security marking by your Local Policing Team

Dear Ward Member,

At the beginning of January we offered free bicycle security marking in Kingston Market Place. Unexpectedly, due to so many people turning up on the day, we sadly weren't able to mark all the bikes. So, to make it up to those of you who missed out and because we received such positive feedback, we're offering another session on Thursday 23rd January from 11am - 2pm where we'll be security marking your bicycles and registering them on BikeRegister for free. This can help reduce the chances of your bicycle being stolen and, if unfortunately it is, then the unique security number assigned to your bicycle will help police identify it as stolen and return it to you.

Best regards

Report crime by calling 101 or in an emergency call 999.
Remember, you can also report crime online on our website:

NOVEMBER 2019 - Contribution to the running expenses of MCRA LTD click here

OCTOBER 2019 - Kingston Police & Neighbourhood Watch Letter - click here

AUGUST 2019 - Kingston Police & Neighbourhood Watch Letter - click here

JULY 2019(2) - Letter to RBK - click here

JULY 2019 - Local plan objections

Further to the earlier posting on the Kingston local plan and the implications for the Coombe Estate, here are some points which could be used as a basis for objections to the plan. We would encourage each resident to send in an objection.  Objections or comments on the new local plan for Kingston should be sent before July 31 by email to or by post to

 Strategic Planning Team (Local plan)
The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Guildhall 2
High Street
Kingston upon Thames  KT1 1EU

 Below are some key points on the implications for the Coombe Estate, some or all of which you may wish to incorporate in your objections. You may also wish - as a Kingston resident - to comment on the potential massive increase in Kingston’s population, the implications for its infrastructure and the huge increase in traffic congestion and pollution.

Please try not to cut and paste the points below but weave them into your own words which will give more force as an objection than identical phrasing.

 •  The Potential Opportunity Area is based on a 800m radius from Norbiton Station but extends beyond it in arbitrary manner (see map by clicking here)

•        · The Coombe Estate is governed by a specific Act of Parliament, namely The Maldens and Coombe Urban District Council Act 1933 which protects and preserves the ‘Coombe Lands’ under the Act.

•       ·  The private roads as defined in the Act include George Road, Renfrew Road and Brook Gardens

•        · There are no powers in the Act to dispose of the land. Any  disposal for the purposes of housing development would be contrary to the spirit of the Act.

•   The Proposed Opportunity Area for the southerly 8 holes of Coombe Wood Golf Course is Metropolitan Open Land which has the same legal status  as green belt. It also sits
          within a conservation area and is an area of archaeological value, and contains a scheduled monument.

•   Coombe Wood Golf club has a 125 year lease until 2118 with no break clause.

•   Renfrew Road and part of George Road are in the same conservation area and the Opportunity Area also contains several scheduled monuments.

•    Any potential development would greatly increase the significant traffic congestion which already exists due to the presence of 3 schools in George Road.

 To recap: More than 1 objection can come from each residence

                Must be done by July 31st




We have been made aware of Kingston Council’s new local plan which has a potentially serious impact on the Coombe Estate . Kingston are planning to build 55,000 houses (against the current stock of 66,000 houses for the borough)  and have identified the southern 8 holes of Coombe Wood Golf Club (which is Metropolitan Open Land and supposedly protected from development ) and Renfrew Road (part of the Conservation area) as ‘potential opportunity areas’ for development. Please see the link for details of the ‘consultation’ which closes on July 31.

Individual residents are urged to send objections to the proposals  before July 31, as just one objection from the MCRA committee will not be sufficient weight of opinion. Comments can be sent by email to or by post to

Strategic Planning Team (Local plan)
The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames 
Guildhall 2 
High Street 
Kingston upon Thames 

There will also be the opportunity to discuss the plan with Coombe Hill ward councillors at their monthly surgery on Saturday July 6th at 10.00 in Kingston Lodge Hotel.

Dr Judy Kane
Rupert Cox

APRIL 2019 : CRIME NEWS UPDATE click here

Counter Terrorism Talk 
6.45pm for 7pm on Thursday 25th April 2019 
The Crescent Room 
Glenmore House 
6 The Crescent 
Surbiton, Surrey 
KT6 4BN 
Email to book your free place

This presentation has been developed to help update those living and working across the Borough of the current national threat from terrorism as well as outline the simple steps that can be taken to help protect ourselves and our community. In a nutshell, we will cover:

The current threat 
Hostile Reconnaissance (suspicious behaviour) 
Suspicious items and how to respond to them 
Firearms and weapons attacks – what to do if you are caught up in one

The content has been updated since our last presentation on this subject two years ago.

Attendance is free but booking is essential.

MARCH - 2019: Care of our Estate/Security - progress

MCRA attended a meeting at Guildhall 1 with RBK on 20th February. Thanks to Cllr Rowena Bass who arranged the meeting and Cllr Ian George who was also in attendance. You can read notes of what was discussed click here. Note the new point of contact (Neville Rainford) and his details.

DECEMBER 2018: Beware - An Imposter

Please read this recent issue sent to us by PC Stamp:


Please click on the following click here

DECEMBER 2018: Meeting with Police at Coombe Hill Golf Club

PC Simon Stamp, DC Gavin Burns and PCSO Oli Barrett addressed a packed meeting of Estate residents, plus some from neighbouring roads in Coombe Hill Ward, at Coombe Hill Golf Club on December 6. DC Louise Holman from the Organised Crime team had been called away for an operation immediately prior to the meeting.

 PC Stamp  reported that there were 16 burglaries in Sept/Oct 2018 in the Coombe Hill Ward (which extends to beyond Kingston Hospital in the west and the A3 in the west), an increase of 4 over the same period last year. He emails details each month to all those signed up for Neighbourhood Watch. He reminded us of some of the vulnerabilities, particularly the rear of properties.

 DC Gavin Burns from the SW Basic Command Proactive Unit outlined Operation Genie which  relates to 37 linked high value burglaries in the Kingston area since January 2017. These have also been linked to others in the Met and other forces. The MO tends to be entry to large exclusive houses from the rear of the property ,often from open land, and above the ground floor. Items taken tend to be jewellery and cash, leaving laptops, tablets and other electrical goods behind and the search is often restricted to upper floors only. It has been established that several different teams committing these offences including a number of Chilean nationals. There have been 16 arrests since the end of September and 6 cars have been seized.


There followed a Q & A session with DC Burns and PC Stamp giving guidance on:

•    ‘reasonable  force’ towards burglars,

•    use of deterrents (including thorny plants),

•    positioning CCTV high up (and if possible linked to PIR lights),

•    looking out for suspicious parked vehicles and occupants . Number plates of suspicious vehicles

•    can be reported to the Coombe Hill team (contacts below).

and he advised against the use of social media either for posting information during an absence or advising of a forthcoming absence. DC Burns cast doubt on the efficacy of using a private security company for estate-wide patrols in view of the MO of approaching from the rear of properties and the inability to be in more than one place at a time.


Concern was expressed about the use by local newsagents of open counter books clearly recording owners’ absences and addresses. An online system would be better.In response to a question the police have advised that anyone abroad and seeing a burglary unfold on a smartphone security app would have to contact the police on 999 via someone in the UK. 


PC Stamp outlined the MetTrace project using SmartWater property-marking kits. This can reduce the chance of burglary if the property is flagged as using SmartWater and results in 100% conviction rates for those caught with marked property. PC Stamp has fought hard to get SmartWater kits for the MCRA residents and hopes that these free kits will be distributed in the near future. Each bottle contains a unique forensic signature.  (Instructions and registration forms will be included with the kits). If you would like to register for one of these SmartWater kits please let MCRA know by clicking here.


In answer to a question about progress on the installation of CCTV cameras at Kingston Hill ends of Warren Road and George Road, PC Stamp and Cllrs. Ian George and Rowena Bass have promised to try and exert pressure on RBK, as the installations were promised by Christmas.


MCRA wishes to thank PC Stamp, DC Burns and PCSO Barrett and Cllr. Ian George for their time and Coombe Hill GC for the use of their facilities. 


Office Tel: 02087212804
Non Emergency: 101 | Emergency: 999
Click to Follow on Twitter - @MPSCoombeHill
Click to Like on Facebook – Coombe Hill Police


For further advice on burglaries click here

For the latest crime stats click here

Our Gatemen

We currently employ 4 gatemen who man the barrier Monday to Friday as well as Saturday and Sunday.

Oh Dear!!

Be vigilant. This is what can happen if anyone ignores traffic control mechanisms on the Estate. These pictures were taken at the entrance to Golf Club Drive.



We issue a newsletter from time to time. Click here to read our Spring 2017 issue